"Experience is a picture which we can describe. "

Our array of screening and evaluation methods offer you many possibilities:

  • Full flight or FNPT simulators
  • Classroom, psychologists, computer testing
  • Our screening process
  • Use of current company processes, part or entire integration of our screening process adapted to the specific requirements of your company.
  • Various modules (preliminary tests, comprehensive/extensive tests)
  • Analysis interviews in the company with psychologists
  • Fall back on numerous pilots from large well known companies (Lufthansa, Germanwings, etc)

Our consultation process ensures that you receive a wide-spread and comprehensive personnel service which is best fit to suit your company. Hence, a combination of our modules in part is also possible, because, perhaps, certain building blocks have already been developed and are ready to use at our disposal.

Aviation Screening stands for a process, which guarantees the quality and professionalism of the prospective pilots. Candidates meet upon experts. These test the mental and biographic parameters of the applicants. Upon company request the candidates can go through several more stages of development. I.e. using special test procedures to observe candidate behaviour under extreme conditions.

We also pay special attention not only to the experience and knowledge that the applicant brings but also their attitudes, values and level of motivation. We hereby assure that your future employee apart from having the technical qualifications also brings along a suitable personality for their future position as Pilot.

The respective results are documented for quality assurance purposes. Only the candidates, who pass our new and demanding aptitude test procedure, are recommended to your company by aviation Screening.

We can also ensure quality of work beyond training. Through CRM and flight safety training courses the newest technical changes are always at your fingertips.

By using Aviation Screening your company creates the foundations for finding the correct employee in an already existing applicant market and when selecting the optimal candidate, no compromises can be made.

We are also not only limited to assisting in your selection of pilot personnel, your cabin crew or ground personnel can also go through our selection process catering to your specific requirements.

Our made to measure evaluations grant a screening process with particularly developed computer test procedures that are cut to fit your demands.

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